Upnayan Sanshkaar,Janeu

Upnayan Sanskar is called as "Yajnopaveet" or the blessed thread is one of the main signs of Upnayan Sanskar.
Upnayan Sanskar means the taking on your shoulders the sacred thread for Yajna . It is also called as "Brahma-Sutra". The meaning of "Brahma" is "Veda".

In Hinduism and Buddhism, a Yajñopavītam (Sanskrit: यज्ञोपवीतम्, yajñopavītam) is a thin consecrated cord, composed of distinct cotton strands, worn to symbolize coming of age.The sacred Yajñopavītam is known by many names (varying by region and community), such as Poita, Janeu, Lagun, Yajnopavita, Yagyopavit, Yonya and Zunnar. The other Sanskrit term for it is Avyanga. The sacred Upnayanam ceremony (Sanskrit: उपनयनम्, upanayanam) that invests the wearer with the sacred Yajñopavītam is often considered a socially and spiritually significant rite (or samskara). It has varying formats across Hindu-Buddhist communities and is also called by varying names, including Upanayana, Munj, Janeu rasm and Bratabandha.Among Hindus, the ceremony was once associated with the higher castes. Though far less common, it is also sometimes conducted for girls. In some regions of modern North India, the ceremony is often conducted as an immediate precursor to wedding ceremonies, instead of during adolescence, while in other regions it is almost always associated with adolescence.

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