Religious tours of Deoghar

Religious tours of Deoghar offer a nice opportunity to explore the pilgrimages and sacred temples in and around Deoghar. Deoghar is known as the hometown of gods and goddesses. Numerous shrines and temples are located in the beautiful town. Deoghar is one of the best tourist places in Jharkhand. Dense forests and timber hills surround the tiny town. The antique temple of Baba Baidyanath is a major attraction during the religious tours of Deoghar. Tourists and pilgrims frequently visit Deoghar. Various rituals and festivals are celebrated here with great devotion and enthusiasm.

Deoghar is famous for the Baba Baidyanath temple, which is considered as one of the twelve Jyotirlingas in India. The temple has great holy significance and one can read about the temple in the Hindu legends.

History of the temple takes you back in the 16th century. As mentioned in the historical records, a huntsman named Baiju found the lost lingam of Shiva at Deoghar. Since then, the place is known as Baidyanath, and the temple had been constructed around in 1596. Baidyanath temple is renowned for satisfying the wishes of the pilgrims. Shivaganga Lake is a sacred lake, located near the main temple of Baidyanath. A dip in the waters of the lake is sanctifying as the water is believed to have some pious properties. There is a well named Chandrakoopa close to the main entrance of the temple. Water of the well is considered holy and it is said that Ravana has poured water of some sacred rivers in the well.

Deoghar is home to the group of 22 temples devoted to various incarnations of lord Shiva. Religious tours of Deoghar also include a trip to other temples and shrines, which are located in the town. Naulakha temple is another attractive temple in the town, which is sited on the borders of Deoghar. The temple is renowned for its structural marvels and splendours. It is believed that one of the pupils of Balanand Brahmachari constructed the holy temple. Tapoban is another sacred place near the Naulakha temple, where Balanand Brahmachari used to meditate. There is a hill near Tapoban, which houses some hilltop caves and temples.

Nandan Pahar is one of the major pilgrimages during your religious tours of Deoghar. The glory of the place lies in the profusion of temples, which are devoted to various goddesses and gods.

Pilgrims visit the hill to worship gods. Some of the temples are famous for fulfilling the desires of the pilgrims.

Basukinath temple is another of the famous place which should be visited during the religious tours of Deoghar. Main deity of the temple is Lord Shiva. Basukinath temple is around 43 km from Deoghar. Scenery of the temple attracts tourists and pilgrims from all over India. Satsang Ashram is also one of the holy places near Deoghar. Thousands of followers of Sri Anukul Chandra Thakur gather here in the month of Kartik to celebrate a festival. Thus, religious tours of Deoghar are infused with holiness.

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