Dak Bam

A Dak Bam is different from the ordinary kawaria, for whom time is no limit. A kawaria can take as many days as he likes. Commonly, it takes three to four days to cross the 105km. But a Dak Bamis time-bound. Usually, only a man becomes a Dak Bam.He has to complete the entire distance within 24 hours. If he fails to reach the temple within this time, he fails to be a Dak Bam.
The Dak Bam carries gangajal on his back. He is non- stop. He cannot sit. He cannot sleep. He cannot eat. If he takes anything at all, he takes water, but that too while running. On the way, there are hosts who make hot water to pour on the bodies of Dak Bamsto soothe them.
 Some Dak Bams become so hopeless that the other Bams give him support. It is difficult to believe how these Bams manage to reach the temple. It would not be possible to become a Dak Bam without the grace of Baba Himself

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