Jai Baba Vaidyanath

The temple town of Deoghar is a small one with clean air and a pleasant environment. It has the beauty of a small town and also the facilities of every need. In the middle of the town, all lanes converge to reach the temple of Baba Bholenath. In the main temple, the sacred Shivalingam is situated. The origin belongs to Treta Yuga. The temple is thronging with devotees most of the time . There are so many temples for almost each and every god including Ganga ji (the river goddess).

You would see Pandas and priests in each and every corner of the temple-cluster.They receive whatever you gave and won’t ask again even if you don’t offer anything.

There are markets selling hosts of items like bangles, toys, pictures, and sweets. Peda is the most favourite prasad which is bought by the devotees. Mixed with chuda (beaten rice) and ilichai-dana (a kind of sugar), it forms the typical prasad which people take back home to distribute among relatives, friends and neighbours.

There are few temples which are as passionately revered by devotees as is Baba Dham of Deoghar. Baba Dham means place of Baba Shankar (Shiva) and Deoghar means abode of gods. The temple is so important because Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga temple, popularly known as Baba Dham and Baidyanath Dham is one of the twelve sacred Jyotirlingas. Every year in the Shravan month, devotees (called kavarias) throng to this temple from all over the region to offer water (jal) to the sacred Shivalingam.

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