Baba Dham , Deoghar,Baidyanatha Dham

Baba Dham is a small town in the Deoghar district of Jharkhand state in northeastern India. It is also called Baidyanatha Dham, or Deoghar. It is well connected by road and rail from various parts of India. Baba stands for Lord Siva and Dham indicates His abode. Therefore, the place where Lord Siva lives is called Baba Dham. Siva is worshiped at the temple as the Linga. It is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas noted for fulfilling all the wishes of devotees. Legend tells that whosoever worships Siva here, with water from the Ganga, will get all wishes fulfilled.

Pilgrimage to Baba Dham can be easy, or difficult. It is easy if a devotee travels by train or bus to pour water on Him. But it is difficult when he or she walks the 105-kilometer distance between the Ganga and Baba Dham on foot, carrying Gangajal, water from the Ganga, on a balance pole called a kawar

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