Trikuta Parvata

It is situated 10 km away from Deoghar on the way to Dumka. There are three main peaks on the hill which is why it is called Trikutachal. The height of this hill is 2470 feet.
Sage Bam Bam Baba used to come here for penance. In the month of Shravan, the devotees come here to collect wood apple leaves. There are numerous trees of wood apple. Hence this place is also called the Garden of Shiva
There is also a temple of Shiva at this place known as Trikutachal Mahadeva Temple. It is the mouth of river Mayurakshi. Here we also find an altar of the goddess of Trishuli. It is an attractive place with a cool stream flowing.
On the hill there is a cottage of sage Dayananda
It is a popular picnic spot as well. Both pilgrims and tourists visit this place.

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