Shri Mahadeva

Shri Mahadeva said ...
Whoever meditates for a minute, even he is rogue, and he will be graced for all time to come.
One should worship Baidyanath forever. What to speak of his fruits! Even Brahma, the god of creation, fails to appreciate Him.

The Puranas speak of the Baidyanath Jyortiligam. According to the Shiva Purana, it was in the Treta yuga that the demon Ravana, king of Lanka, felt that his capital would not be perfect and free from enemies unless Mahadeva stays there forever, he paid continuous meditation to Mahadeva. Ultimately Shiva got pleased and permitted him to carry his lingam with him to Lanka. Mahadeva advised him not to place or transfer this lingam to anyone. There should not be a break in his journey to Lanka. If he deposits the lingam anywhere on the earth, in the course of his journey, it would remain fixed at that place forever. Ravana was happy as he was taking his return journey to Lanka.
His fate willed otherwise. The gods took it ill. They never liked to see Mahadeva as his protector. They devised a plan for outwitting Ravana. They requested Varuna to enter into the belly of Ravana. So, on his way Ravana felt a severe urge to release water. He began looking for a man to whom he could temporarily entrust the lingam. Vishnu appeared before Ravana in the guise of a Brahmin. Unaware of the mystery, Ravana handed over the lingam to the Brahmin. Unfortunately, Ravana could not ease himself soon. In the meanwhile the Brahmin placed the lingam at this place which was and which is now Baidyanathdham.
Ravana tried hard to remove the lingam from the spot where it had been placed. He could not turn out the lingam even an inch. This made him frustrated. He used violence but he only succeeded in pushing the lingam by thumb. Later on he felt guilty of his doings and begged for pardon.
He returned to Lanka but visitied daily to worship the lingam. This continued forever. The place where Ravana descended on the earth is identified with the present Harilajori about four miles north of Baidyanathdham and the place where the lingam was kept, is now Deoghar and the lingam itself is known to all as Baidyanath Jyotirlingam.
The very name of Baidyanath bears the history of Ravana as mentioned in the Shiva Purana which is as such:

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