When Ravana was taking the lingam to Lanka, he felt the urge for urination. He handed over the lingam to a brahmin and went for urintation. After urination, he needed to wash his hands and be purified before holding the lingam. When he did not find any water source nearby, he made a blow with his fist on the earth and water came out and formed a pond. This pond is now known as Shivaganga.
The old name of Shivaganga is Varvoghar kund. It is situated just 200 metres away from the Baidyanath temple.
In ancient India Ashwini Kumaras, doctors of gods, bathed in this tank and cured themselves from diseases. Formerly it was a small tank. Later, the Zamindar of Lakshmipur estate shaped it to the present size.
Taking bath into the Shivaganga is the same as taking bath into the Ganges. Shiva devotees, who come to Deoghar, take a dip into the Shivaganga to purify themselves before offering water to the Jyotirlingam. It is said that this pond has never dried up.
On the western side, a small temple has been constructed by Raja Jai Singh. It is a Shiva temple. It stands near Ganesh Kala Mandir.

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