Satsang Nagar Ashram

In the south - west of Deoghar there is a big Ashram established by Sri Sri Anukul Chandra which is called Satsang Ashram. It is related with the sect of Radhaswami. It is a universal reforming Ashram and working for the betterment of humanity. People from India and abroad visit this Ashram every year.
The Life story of Sri Anukul Chandra Thakur: It was 14th September, 1888 at 7:05 the light in the room was brightened with a divine light. This was the advent of Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra who took birth at that instant. His father Shiva Chandra Chakraborty was a man of prominence in virtue. Manomohini Debi was his mother.
Even as a child Anukul Chandra showed signs of super human greatness. While playing when he got dusty, this small boy was still the embodiment of Vedanta.
At an auspicious time Anukul Chandra's father enrolled him as a student in the school of Kesto Bairag. If anyone was in pain it would make his kind heart overflow with sympathy. If someone seemed without proper clothing, he would give him his own clothing and return home naked.
Anukul Chandra once visited the place of Sri Ramakrishna. He went to the side of the house where Ramakrishna used to stay. He felt asleep in shade of the Panchabati and he saw the Goddess Mother Kali coming to him. On 13th August, 1906 he was married to Sorashi Bala Debi, daughter of Ram Gopal Bhattachraya, a teacher of Pabna Institute.
After marriage he studied for a time at Raipura High school near Amirabad. But within a short while he had to take admission in Naihati High School in the 24 Parganas district. The members of his family wanted him to become a doctor. So young Anukul Chandra started for the city of Kolkata. Despite many difficulties and inconveniences, he finished study at the Medical college and returned home. He practised as a physician for only three years and earned a wonderful reputation. Very serious kinds of diseases were cured under his treatment. Though he was trained in allopathic medicine, he sometimes used other systems such as homeopathic and Ayurvedic medicine, too.
The man who first experienced Sri Sri Thakur's unconditional mercy was Ananta Maharaj. It was he who first addressed Anukul Chandra as Sri Sri Thakur.
Among the hundreds of people who became devotees and adorers of Sri Sri Thakur, was Satish Goswami. When he heard the sound of the Kirton, Sri Sri Thakur would feel restless. Leading the Kirton, he created an atmosphere of such exaltment that even the most terrible kinds of human minds where able to ascend to the sphere of consciousness in a moment. During the Kirton Sri Sri Thakur absorbed in the Supreme Idea. Sometimes fell on the ground in an unconscious state.
In the midst of Pabna's jungles and thickets at the village of Himaitpur a radical change was going on. As more people arrived, the village was transformed into Satsang Ashram. Dharma, education, industry, commerce art and music all found expression in the activities of Satsang Ashram.
He built up an institution, Tapovan School, which became reputed throughout the country.
On 13th Aug, 1946 some of his devotees rented a big house Boral Bungalow (Now it is known as Thakur Bungalow).
The moment of greatest misfortune came at 4:55 a.m. on the 27th January 1969, when Sri Sri Anukul Chandra quietly departed from this terrestrial world.


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Google should take care before publishing ! This half hearted review is not at all attractive. It
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Manikpur (near Jasidih).

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