Rikhia Yogashram

This Yogashram (Sri Sri Panch Dashanam Paramhansa Alakhbarah) was established by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. Swami Satyananda Saraswati was born on 26th July 1923 in Almora (in the Himalayan Tarai). Since his childhood he was brilliant and spiritual - minded. At the age of six he was touched with spiritual feelings. At the age of 19 he left his home and started wandering in search of a Guru. He reached Rishikesh where he met Swami Shivananda Saraswati. He became his disciple on 12th September, 1947. He stayed there for 12 years to serve Guru Maharaj. There he worked hard and was taught a lesson - Work hard and hard work will make you sacred. You do not have to try for Atmagyan (the knowledge of spirit), it itself will appear in you.
After Sanyas - Training he started his life as an ascetic. As a religious wanders he travelled not only in India but Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal etc. During this period he has started living in religious touch and its uses were to develop and clear Yoga - System.
In 1956 he established the International Yoga Mandal to show the right path through spiritual knowledge. He established Bihar Yoga Vidyalaya in 1964 in Monghyr.
In 1968 he left India to tour the world. The aim of the tour was to establish World - Friendship and to make the people apply Yoga in practical and scientific form. He became world famous. He was the first sage in the world - history who tried to use the Yoga - Mystery in the scientific base. Between 1968 and 1982 he travelled abroad for 26 times. He went to England, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Austria, USA, Canada, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Panama, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, Japan, Malaysia, El-Salvador, Hongkong, Australia, etc. to establish the seeds of Yoga.
In 1983 he announced the name of his heir and appointed him as the president of Bihar Yoga VIdyalaya and its related centres. That lucky person is Swami Niranjananandaji.
In 1984 he established Shivananda Math where people are undertaken physical treatment and given medicines free of cost.
In 1988, he left Monghyr and travelled many pilgrimage in India as a religious wanderer and at last he reached at Baidyanath Dham. Here he started penance wearing a Kopin (a piece of cloth tucked to the waist). During the penance he got a command - The facilities which I have given you, give to your neighbours.
These days he is worshipping to serve the people in the surrounding area. The offerings he gets, such as vehicles, cattle, medicine, clothes, sewing machines etc. he donates to the needy. Every year in the month of November/ December a grand fair is held here with great pomp and show. Sita-Vivah is arranged here. Thousand of devotees from different corners of the world participate in this fair. Foreigners are seen in every corner of the town. This Ashram is indeed a sacred place in Deoghar.

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