Holy place for pilgrims

It is a rare holy place for pilgrims as the Patal Khand of Padamapurana mentions :-
As Mahadeva rules over the region of heart so it is a place of Shambhu and the holiest place of all and it makes all to succeed in the world.
The heart of Sati, the Daughter of Daksha, fell here in the past. It is, therefore, the holiest place of all.
Whoever dies here with the grace of Shiva, he does not come again in this world even though one is a great sinner.
Being a man one worships Baidyanath and if one does not worship Baidyanath, his birth is meaningless in the world.
If one commits sin in the other place, he gets rid of sins if he worships Baidyanath. It is said, people get rid of sins if he worships the Viswanath of Kashi but sins collected at Kashi, will fly away if he worships Baidyanath. If one commits sins at this holy place, it can never be kicked off. It is, therefore, necessary that one should worship Lord Baidyanath to wash away sins.
In order to wash away sins one should travel Baidyanathdham. Even sins gathered at kashi will be removed soon if he worships Lord Baidyanath.

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